About Braids and Braves

Braids and Braves Square Dance Club is a vibrant community that offers western square dancing and round dancing. Our club provides a welcoming environment for dancers of all skill levels to enjoy physical activity, mental stimulation, and social connections.

Our principles

We are passionate about preserving and promoting the rich tradition of western square dancing. Join us to learn the moves, enjoy the music, and experience the joy of dancing in a friendly and welcoming environment.

Stay Active and Socialize

Explore the Art of Round Dancing

Embrace Western Square Dancing

Round dancing combines the elegance of ballroom dancing with the ease of choreographed routines. Our experienced cuer will guide you through the steps, helping you master the dances and create beautiful memories on the dance floor.

At Braids and Braves Square Dance Club, we believe in the power of physical and mental exercise. Dancing not only keeps you fit but also stimulates your mind. Join our club to stay active, meet new people, and build lasting friendships.

Sandra Pinion
round dance cuer

Our dance caller and cuer

Bruce Lowther
square dance caller