Leonard was born on January 12, 1948, at Salem Memorial Hospital to Howard and Doris Snodgrass. He attended Dever Conner School and graduated from Albany High School in 1966. He attended Chemeketa Community College and then transferred to Simpson Bible College in San Francisco in 1967, studying music. In 1970, he transferred to the University of Oregon to finish his music education.

Leonard grew up on a mint farm helping his dad and his neighbors. He learned a lot about machinery, and was invaluable to others for the knowledge he had acquired in how to fix things. He also enjoyed working on his 1966 VW bug. Part of life in the country was belonging to the local grange where his parents exposed him to music and dance early in his life.

After finishing at the University of Oregon, he moved to Salem working at the Willamette University until his retirement. He continued his education and earned a Limited Maintenance Electrician (LME) license during his 20 years with Willamette furthering his abilities to fix things.

Leonard called for the Braids and Braves Club for nearly twenty years. Unfortunately, he suffered a fatal heart attack and passed away January 9, 2024. Leonard was well known in Oregon square and round dance communities, and certainly missed. The photo below was taken at the Memorial Dance held in Leonard's honor on March 16, 2024, with 125 attending from 23 clubs.

Leonard George Snodgrass

January 12, 1948 - January 9, 2024

Leonard's first love was calling at square dances! He called for over 30 years thoroughly enjoying traveling and meeting new friends. He had a passion for calling at parades, demos, fairs and special events. He was an enthusiastic entertainer with an exceptionally beautiful singing voice. He was even an accomplished yodeler! He was known to slip off the stage during a singing call unaware and just show up in a square as he sang. For nearly 20 years he was the club caller for the Braids and Braves. Leonard was also an accomplished round dancer ever striving to be challenged by higher levels. He enjoyed performing dance demonstrations of a variety of rhythms at the annual Oregon Mid-Winter Festival Showcase of Rounds. He really loved cueing and teaching a variety of rhythms, and truly desired to encourage and inspire new dancers.

He leaves behind his younger brother Ralph of Fairbanks, Alaska, stepsister Alice of Minnetonka, Minnesota, daughter Jennifer of Phoenix, Arizona, son Greg (Micah) of Houston Texas and grandsons Tate and Tyler. He also precedes a vast family of friends and dancers who admired him, his loyal fans, as well as a few extra special dance partners near and dear to his heart.